Saturday, August 21, 2010

An Exciting Cast for Xanadu

Atlantis Productions is cooking up yet another amazing show, this time with musical theater aficionados and curious viewers being brought back to the bright lights and raucous sounds of the ’80s in Xanadu The Musical.

Guaranteed to be as colorful and upbeat as a rollerskating disco, the production has a whirling dervish of an ensemble cast, with director Bobby Garcia at the helm. He shares, “I’m thrilled to be directing Xanadu. It is a musical I was instantly smitten with when I saw it in New York in 2007. I suspect it will be one of the zaniest rehearsal periods I have had and I look forward to the fun with this amazing cast!”

Rachel Alejandro, who endeared herself to theatergoers with her dual portrayals of Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut in Avenue Q is welcoming what is apparently the most demanding role she’s ever tackled, this time as Kira in Xanadu. She’ll be singing, dancing, and rollerskating to the famous Olivia Newton-John and Electric Light Orchestra tunes.

Felix Rivera, considered Philippine theater’s “golden boy” (he led the cast of four musicals this year alone!) is more than prepared for his latest demanding role, this time as male lead Sonny.

Also in the musical are equally passionate and fiery performers certain to keep your eyes fixated on the theater stage: Noel Trinidad as Danny, Chari Arespacochaga and Yael Pineda playing Melpomene and Calliope (the show’s “Evil Women”), respectively, and Anthony Ong, Glen Llanes, Alys Serdenia and Bea Garcia portraying the Greek Muses.

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