Monday, August 2, 2010

When Rollerskates and Love Collide

Once more, two recognizable names and faces in musical theater face off in this whimsical, musical love story, and they are none other than Rachel Alejandro, portraying the dual roles of Clio and Kira, and Felix Rivera as Sonny.

Here they are as they share about the preparations they each have been going through to make Xanadu The Musical an enthralling show, and their thoughts on following dreams, the things that inspire them, the people who motivate them, and lessons learned from starting out in showbiz and theater.

How did you prepare for your role in Xanadu the Musical? And how do you plan to make your role fresh for your audience to get into the ‘80s vibe, which is the very era of the story?

Rachel: Although the setting is in the ‘80s, I think the songs in the musical, some of Olivia Newton-John’s biggest hits, are timeless. People of any age will enjoy them and be able to sing along think both my lola or anyone as young as my youngest teen-age sister would appreciate the humor. I don’t have to do anything special but be an effective part of the story-telling.

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